My name is Tore Sætre and I am an enthusiast photographer based in Oslo, Norway.
You will find the most up to date content on social media, but have a look around here to get in touch. 
To view my photography, check out my precense on Instagram, Flickr and Wikimedia Commons.
About me
So I'm in my fourties and love to shoot landscapes, cities, concerts and portraits. I do some drone photography, but most of my content is made with my feet on the ground, holding a Canon DSLR.
I spend much of my spare time on photography, music and concerts (particularity jazz and soul), the cinema, traveling and technology. I'm an active contributor to Wikipedia.
When I'm not busy with photography, I'm work as a freelance project manager with IT projects in the Oslo area.
Services and pricing
I publish photos to Instagram, Twitter and Wikimedia Commons. The photos on Wikimedia have just some rights reserved and can be used freely.
If you want to use my images with a different license, contact me. I'll get back to you very shortly.
All images on this site are copyright by Tore Sætre with all rights reserved, unless otherwise specified. See the usage information for information about using my images.
Unauthorised use of my work may be subject to a retroactive license at a higher price (determined at my discretion).
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